Khaleesi + Finnick = Please Take Our Money and Pass the Kleenex. "Game of Thrones" queen Emilia Clarke has a new sun and stars in "Hunger Games" hero Sam Claflin, and the first trailer for their romantic drama "Me Before You" already has us swooning.

Emilia Clare plays the sweet and slightly ditzy Louisa Clark, who gets a job taking care of the recently paralyzed and now depressed Will Traynor (Sam Claflin).

It sounds like she's the classic manic pixie dream girl who brings the guy out of his shell and gives him a reason to live, but there's more to the story than that. The film is based on the novel by British author Jojo Moyes, who also wrote the screenplay. The all-star cast includes "Doctor Who" alum Jenna Coleman as Katrina Clark, "Game of Thrones" alum Charles Dance as Steven Traynor, Janet McTeer as Camilla Trainor, and Matthew Lewis as Patrick. Brendan Coyle (Mr. Bates on "Downton Abbey") co-stars as well, as you can see in the trailer:

"Me Before You" is scheduled for release on June 3. Are you ready to volunteer as ticket-buying tribute?

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