UPDATE: It came down to Samantha vs. Maya, with the win going to ... Maya! Yes, the youngest designer in the competition won it all. Peytie placed third, and Zachary placed fourth. Congrats to ALL of the designers. And, Lifetime, please renew this show for Season 2 immediately!

Original post:

Alas, the breath of fresh, fashionable air that was "Project Runway: Junior" Season 1 ends tonight, Thursday, February 4 from 9-10:30 p.m. on Lifetime. The final four teens will show their garments at New York Fashion Week and one of them will win this set of prizes:

• a full scholarship to the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in California;

• a complete home sewing and crafting studio provided by Brother;

• a feature in Seventeen Magazine; and

• a $25,000 cash prize, to help launch their line.

So who will win? There are no bad options with a strong final four of Maya, age 14; Peytie, 15; Samantha, 16; or Zachary, 16.

Samantha started strong, with a very cool and distinct point of view, but she hasn't shown a lot of range. Peytie surged in the middle of the season and her print game at the finale could give her an edge. Zachary considers himself the underdog after getting Tim Gunn's save, but his more mature style could serve him well in the end. But our money is on the youngest designer, Maya, who just turned 14 during the competition. She has won three challenges, and wowed the judges and viewers. She's just a marvel. And she's 14!

All of the designers are talented, though, and not just for "kids" but for any PR designers on any season. Plus, they have shown good sportsmanship and the season has stayed free of petty drama and personality clashes. Hopefully the JV team inspires the varsity players when they hit the field with "All Stars" Season 5, which premieres next Thursday, February 11.

Who has your vote to win "Project Runway: Junior" tonight?

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