Ryan Reynoldsbetter get up on that couch and jump 'cause he just got owned by Katie Holmes.

Gotta admit, we did not see the former Mrs. Tom Cruise kicking so much butt at a game called "Musical Beers," partly because we never imagined there would be a game called "Musical Beers." Leave it to "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" to introduce the game, which was like musical chairs but with Red Solo cups.

Katie showed she meant business right in the first round, scaring "Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds with her speed and knocking him out first. (It was smart of her to take those heels off.) She helped knock out Jimmy Fallon next, and made it down to the final two.

You'll have to watch and see if she beat the last remaining member of The Roots. Also, check out the other "Tonight Show" clip where she does her best Beyoncé Super Bowl impression. Let's just say Queen Bey does not have much to worry about.

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