In the battle of President Frank Underwood ("House of Cards" audience.

Have you seen the 1989 movie "The War of the Roses"? Based on the official "House of Cards" Season 4 trailer, it looks like a more strategic, violent, and high-stakes version is headed our way this season.

Season 3 ended with Claire finally walking out on Frank, and oh man is he pissed. The music and imagery in the trailer are so tense this could easily be a horror film.

Claire: "I saw a future. Our future."

Frank: "We had a future until you started destroying it."

Yep, Mom and Dad are fighting -- and it's awesome! They don't call this show "House of Cards" for nothing. It took three seasons for the Underwoods to get to the White House and now the house is starting to collapse from greed, ambition, and resentment.

Frank is always at his best when he and Claire are on the same side, but Claire is sick of being his Lady Macbeth. She wants to be Macbeth. Frank took for granted that he could keep using her for his own gain, not quite appreciating that -- at this point, with her current popularity as he campaigns for president -- he needs her more than she needs him. She is now in a position of power and she is playing her own aces while she has them. But will she play her cards right, and what happens when it's all on the table?

The Underwoods can do more damage to each other than any outsider ever could, so if they start turning on each other it is *WIN* for us. However, the trailer shows more than just Frank and Claire. We see many returning faces, a lot more mayhem, and some of the new characters headed our way.

"House of Cards" drops March 4 on Netflix and you really should catch up on the first three seasons before binge-ing this one. [knock knock]

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