Is J.J. Abrams a character from one of his own shows or movies?

He must be a being from another dimension, capable of mysterious time-jumping feats. How else do you explain his prolific output? While he's busy directing or producing movies like "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and next month's "10 Cloverfield Lane," he's also overseeing new TV series -- three of them due this year, including a mini-series adaptation of Stephen King's time-travel novel "11.22.63," debuting Feb. 15 on Hulu.

For all his vaunted reputation as the king of fanboy epics with complicated mythologies (not to mention real-world dramas of ordinary people with soap-opera-complicated lives), Abrams has had a surprisingly mixed track record on TV. About half of his shows have become long-running critical and popular successes, and half have barely lasted a season. Still, all of his shows are pretty fascinating, whether they deal with arcane conspiracies or bad haircuts. Here are his small-screen offerings to date, from the forgettable to the we'll-never-stop-arguing-about-them.