paris, doyle, gilmore girls, danny strong, liza weilWe're still pinching ourselves over the upcoming "Gilmore Girls" revival, which will head to Netflix for four brand new episodes later this year. And part of our joy comes from knowing just who is coming back to Stars Hollow (hint: a LOT of former cast members), and thus will be reuniting soon.

One such reunion took place earlier this week, when Liza Weil and Danny Strong -- a.k.a. Paris and Doyle -- returned to the set to reprise their roles for the new episodes. Now, the one of the best couples in "Gilmore" history has shared photographic evidence of their time together, and it's making us happier than we thought was possible.

Strong posted a pic on Twitter of him alongside Weil, all smiles as they slip back into their old characters. Paris and Doyle first hooked up in season five when they were working together at the Yale Daily News, and remained (mostly) together until the end of the series, when Doyle pledged his lifelong devotion to Paris, and vowed to follow her wherever her lofty career goals took her.

Weil revealed earlier this week that she would be appearing in two of the four new 90-minute "Gilmore" episodes, and we can only imagine that Strong will be right there with her in those installments. According to castmate Kelly Bishop, Paris's season eight storyline is "unbelievable." Could Paris have perhaps actually gone on to a career as both a doctor *and* a lawyer, as she originally envisioned?

We'll have to wait and see. A release date for the new episodes is TBA.

[via: Danny Strong]