Leonardo DiCaprio won everything at the 2016 Oscars -- his first Academy Award, Twitter's record-breaking love, a packet of delicious Trefoils, and Reddit's creativity to turn that Girl Scout cookie excitement into a meme.

Chris Rock may not have really sold $65K worth of Girl Scout cookies during the show, but Leo (or someone who does these things for him) clearly spent $5 on a box of Trefoils, and "The Revenant" star's little tongue came out in a mix of package-opening concentration and MUST HAVE COOKIES anticipation. It was too much for the Internet to resist, so it became a Photoshop Battle on Reddit.

Here's the original image they worked with, and some of the most creative transformations:

At least he enjoyed himself -- in real life, and in the fantasy world of Internet memes. Well done, people with too much time on their hands!

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