Orange Is the New Black," and while we get relatively innocuous glimpses of some of our favorite inmates -- including Suzanne, Taystee, Cindy, Poussey, Red, Gloria, Boo, and Pennsatucky -- it looks like there are some harrowing times ahead for other characters.

Front and center in the latter camp is Piper, who appears to be under some sort of torture, courtesy of Blanca and some other inmates. Could this be some sort of belated payback for stealing Blanca's secretly-stashed cellphone? Or did Chapman do something else to offend her fellow prisoners (an entirely realistic possibility)? Another image shows Piper and Blanca standing side by side in apparent solidarity with some of our other core Litchfield crew in the cafeteria; it's unclear if this is before or after Piper's fingers are mangled.

Another inmate going through a rough time is Sophia, who was thrown in the SHU "for her own protection" (yeah, right) near the end of season three. While we got a very quick glimpse of her in the previous season four promo, this photo proves she's still locked up alone, and the weight of that unfair treatment is weighing heavily on her.

In addition to those searing images, we get a clue that Alex survived her season three beatdown, as well as a closer look at Martha Stewart stand-in Judy King, who seems to be making fast friends with her admirer Poussey. And overcrowding will surely be a big issue this season, as we see some of the new inmates who were shipped in during the season finale get cozy/crammed in with their new bunkmates. Suzanne looks less than thrilled with this arrangement.

Check out the photos below. Season four of "Orange Is the New Black" debuts on Netflix on June 17.

Photo credit: All images by JoJo Whilden/Netflix