If it's true, and this film casting does reveal who Negan killed on "The Walking Dead," then it's another reason why they should've gone ahead and just shown the death in the Season 6 finale. If it's not a reveal, well ... congrats on the new role!

"Walking Dead" usually films its 16-episode seasons from early May to late November. According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, filming for Season 7 officially starts Monday, May 2 in Georgia.

TWD stars always pick up other gigs throughout the year, but they usually shoot when TWD is not filming down in Atlanta. In the past, some casting announcements -- like Chad Coleman booking a role in "The Expanse" and Tyler James Williams in the "Criminal Minds" spinoff -- have been spoilers for the upcoming deaths of their TWD characters.

So, with that in mind, some fans are raising their eyebrows at two new casting announcements for Steven Yeun (Glenn).

On March 16, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Steven Yeun would star in the movie "Mayhem," with principal photography beginning later that month on location in Serbia. Yeun recently posted some Instagram photos from Serbia, which hints to some "Mayhem" filming.

On April 22, just a few days ago, The Hollywood Reporter said Steven Yeun was cast as one of the stars of "Okja," the new movie from "Snowpiercer" director Bong Joon-Ho. Production began that day for a later Netflix release, with filming set for South Korea (where Yeun was born), Canada, and the U.S.

Since at least "Okja" should be filming during TWD's schedule, in locations around the world, it's hard to imagine how Yeun could balance that with the AMC show, unless perhaps Glenn has a smaller role in Season 7 and they worked out a deal to make sure he could do these projects.

Even if Glenn is the one Negan kills, Yeun would most likely have to return to the Georgia set to be the battered body, so we can see with our own eyes what happened. But that may just be a few days worth of work. We could also get flashbacks too, though, from whoever is killed.

???? 8/15

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In Robert Kirkman's "Walking Dead" comic book, Glenn is the one Negan kills. But the TV show does not always follow the books, and some fans have guessed that maybe Negan will kill Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) instead, since he is not in the comic, or other characters like Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), Eugene (Josh McDermitt), or maybe even Michonne (Danai Gurira).

The final answer will arrive in October when TWD Season 7 premieres.

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