grey's anatomy, sara ramirez, dr. callie torres, callie, leaving, season 12, season 13Could Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital be losing another doctor? That's what "Grey's Anatomy" fans are fearing after cast member Sara Ramirez tweeted out a cryptic statement about her role on the show.

The actress posted a message on her Twitter account on Thursday appearing to announce that she had finished shooting for the season. But her choice of words -- saying "that's a wrap" for her character, Dr. Callie Torres -- suggested that it may have been her final time in front of the "Grey's" camera.

Ramirez went on to thank her fans "for an enriching & unforgettable #Rollercoaster ride," further fueling speculation that she was leaving the series. Fans immediately flooded Ramirez's page with questions, wondering if she was truly done playing Callie. (Ramirez's use of the hashtag #season13 led some to believe she would indeed be back for the next season of the show, and she was merely announcing her wrap on filming for season 12, not a series wrap.)

So far, the actress hasn't provided any clarity about her comments (TVLine reached out to her reps numerous times, and did not receive a response), and ABC is also declining comment on the matter. According to TVLine, Ramirez's contract expires in June, and has not yet been renewed, paving the way for her to exit the show, which she joined back in season two. And the timing would work out for her character, who wants to move to New York with her new girlfriend.

If Ramirez does depart, she'll be just the latest big name to leave the series in recent years, after Patrick Dempsey in season 11 and Sandra Oh in season 10. Here's hoping that Ramirez's name doesn't get added to that list.

[via: Sara Ramirez, h/t TVLine]