Break out your special "Game of Thrones" calendar and pencil in some extra time for the end of Season 6. According to HBO's schedule, Episode 10, which airs Sunday, June 26, will clock in at 69 minutes. Because unlike that rascal Jon Snow, your watch has not ended, it is being extended!

You probably noticed that the Season 6 premiere was rather short, and Winter Is Coming rounded up the episode running times for the entire season, showing the range of minutes behind us and ahead:

Episode 1 ("The Red Woman"): 50 minutes
Episode 2 ("Home"): 54 minutes
Episode 3 ("Oathbreaker"): 53 minutes
Episode 4 ("Book of the Stranger"): 59 minutes
Episode 5 ("The Door"): 57 minutes
Episode 6 ("Blood of My Blood"): 52 minutes
Episode 7 ("The Broken Man"): 51 minutes
Episode 8: 59 minutes
Episode 9: 60 minutes
Episode 10: 69 minutes

As Winter Is Coming noted, that 69-minute length makes the Season 6 finale the longest episode to date, passing the 66-minute Season 4 finale, "The Children."

Now we just have to speculate about what will happen, not just in the season finale but in Episode 9, which has a history of being epic on GoT, and the rest of the season. When is Jon's epic episode, and how will this season end, setting up Season 7? Will we get another cliffhanger?

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