Blindsided by beef! "Survivor: Kaoh Rong," aka Season 32, is now down to its final four, and that last elimination was arguably the worst. Who wants to be kicked out of the game for eating too much? Joe Del Campo, a 71-year-old former FBI special agent, was evacuated from the game for medical reasons at the final five. His departure marked the third medevac of the season, which is a record for "Survivor."

It came about in the strangest way, too. Unlike Caleb Reynolds, who collapsed in the heat of a challenge, or Neal Gottlieb, whose cuts and bruises got worse to the point of dangerous, Joe just ate too much. Seriously. He won the reward challenge, his first individual win, and when it came time to eat, he just overdid it on the steak kabobs. Cydney Gillon watched him eating and figured it wasn't going to come to a good end -- the body can't take a lot of food at once after being deprived.
The combination of too much food and Joe's advanced age left him constipated and feeling pressure on his bladder without being able to go. Eventually, medical was called and Joe left the game. That meant Aubry Bracco lost her second ally to a medevac, and her chances of winning lessened slightly. It also meant that Tai Trang never had to use his idol, and in fact no one used an idol all season.

It has still been a good season, and it's interesting that the evacuations were all men, and the final four are mostly woman, with a woman looking most likely to pick up the million this coming Wednesday. Will it be Aubry, Cydney, or Michele Fitzgerald ... or will they keep Tai around because he betrayed so many allies? And is there any way for Mark the Chicken to pull out a win? His social game has been impeccable, convincing a tribe of starving people not to kill and cook him, so instead they overdose on food at reward challenges. Brilliant.
Jeff Probst teased the finale in hist post-episode talk with Entertainment Weekly, saying, "It's a very exciting finish. The drama is definitely not over. There will be more surprises, another Survivor first, tears, and a very fulfilling final Tribal Council. This should be a really good conclusion to what fans are telling me has been a really entertaining season."

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