TV Shows to Watch if You Miss Classic 90s Teen MoviesAhhh. The glory days of teen movies ... The '90s. You know, the ones where all you had to do was take off the she-geek's glasses and she was gorgeous (like in "She's All That" starring Rachel Leigh Cook and Freddie Prinze Jr). What about such classics as "Never Been Kissed" with Drew Barrymore essentially getting to redo high school with much better results? Even "The Craft" is a pretty huge classic '90s teen movie that people still watch to this day.

The magic of those classic '90s movies hasn't been lost on the youth of today. No way. In fact, one might say that the classic '90s teen movies have evolved and turned into the plethora of incredible television shows currently on TV today. There are so many amazing television shows from "Game of Thrones" to "Broad City" to, well, just about everything. However, when that wave of nostalgia hits and re-watching those movies just won't do, here are a couple shows to remind you just why those '90s shows were THE BEST EVER.

'Jane the Virgin' (2014 - )

"Jane the Virgin" is such a gem of a television show that everyone should watch it. People who are still holding out on watching this CW show can finally give in because it's definitely one of those shows that is reminiscent of '90s teen movies. It has a love triangle, crazy supporting characters that make you laugh all the time, and, of course, an extremely lovable star in the form of Gina Rodriguez. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Start watching this show!

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' (1997 - 2003)

Alright, adding "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" to this list is kind of cheating since it's not exactly on the air anymore, but if there's a better way to honor Joss Whedon's greatest creation and Sarah Michelle Gellar's most badass character, than it's this. This series is for the fans that want to relive the classics like "The Craft" but with more vampire butt-kicking with a side of witchcraft.

'My Mad Fat Diary' (2013 - )

Here comes the British invasion. "My Mad Fat Diary," which centers around a teenager dealing with body image issues and the number one problem of teens around the world -- wanting to have sex -- is reminiscent of "10 Things I Hate About You" with a spin to it.

'Pretty Little Liars' (2010 - )

Full of intrigue, mystery, murder, and hotties with bodies, "Pretty Little Liars" will satisfy the needs of fans that enjoyed when "Scream" hit theaters. Sure, the mystery of who Ghostface is was solved within one movie, but on "PLL" the mystery keeps going even when you think its been solved Troian Bellisario, Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, and Shay Mitchell are constantly thinking they've found "A" only to get sucked back into the mystery and violence again. The show is basically a Chinese finger trap for viewers -- they can never escape the mystery.

'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' (2015 - )

This one comes out of left field only because it's a musical and the era of musicals didn't really hit until a couple years ago when "Glee" came around, but "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' is so charming everyone NEEDS to watch it. Rachel Bloom's brainchild of a show is kind of like a '90s teen movie with music on crack that will have you laughing throughout the whole show. Seriously, if you only watch one show from this entire list, let it be this show.