"What's the point of thinking?" Once "Ellen," you had to know a classic Kanye rant/monologue was coming.

West was on Ellen DeGeneres's show on Thursday, and things started pretty light, with Ellen noting that his wife Kim Kardashian said she didn't want any more children. "I'm fine to just practice," Kanye quipped. Ellen added that Kim said she wanted a board of directors to vet Kanye's tweets before they went live. He disagreed with that idea, saying he has never regretted anything that he tweeted. Then Ellen joked that maybe Kanye should've put his plea to Mark Zuckerberg for $53 million on Facebook instead of Twitter.

That was the impetus for Kanye (who knows some call him "whacko Kanye") to launch a very nonlinear speech about truth, wanting more resources to help the world, the paparazzi, the modern Renaissance, his father, the Oscars, Leo, his aim to be the "Michael Jackson of apparel," shoes, bullying, his condition of seeing sounds, and believing that as an artist he can make a difference in the world. He also briefly danced for the audience, and got himself bleeped out a couple of times. And there was something about the bone density machine from "The Pursuit of Happyness."

Whether you could follow it or not, it was an epic speech that left the audience speechless. Kanye said he was even shaking he was so passionate about what he was trying to say. Ellen just let him speak, which was probably the right move. He had some points to make but you have to dig for them.

"I'm sorry, daytime television," Kanye said at the close. "I'm sorry for the realness." He smiled and laughed and the audience cheered. Ellen quipped, "It's not daytime television anymore." She also said, after that, they would play a game called "5 Second Rule," "which should be very fun with Kanye."

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