Chip & Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper HGTVGrowing up is all about expanding your horizons. You open your mind to everything from different foods to traveling the world, but one of the things that truly marks the transition from young whippersnapper to full-fledged adult is your taste in television. More specifically, you start enjoying home improvement shows.

With your newfound love of these shows, you've probably binge-watched "House Hunters" or "House Hunters International" whenever they're on television, which is all the time. It's time to expand your horizons. Not all HGTV/DIY Network TV shows are created equal, and you need to watch all of them to prepare. Prepare for what? The part of adulthood that involves buying your own house, and then decorating it.

'Tiny House Hunters' (2014 - present)

Watching this show can make you question your own living situation and may convince you that you could absolutely live in a tiny house ... right? Probably, not, but it's still entertaining to watch. Not to mention the fact that "Tiny House Hunters" is also a crash course in organizing your life, purging things you don't need, and downsizing your space. After watching this show, you'll get rid of that stack of junk collecting dust in the corner and adding nothing to your life except more clutter. Shudder.

'Property Brothers' (2011 - present)

Sitting down and watching "Property Brothers" is like living out your fantasies of buying a house that looks like a condemned space and transforming it into the bourgeois palace of your dreams. The program has everything involved in a reno, from those annoying couples arguing over houses to the attractive brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, disagreeing over design choices or who "did more" for the house. The subtle competition combined with beautiful home-improvement projects that will inspire you makes it easy to spend an entire day binge-watching the show from the comfort of your couch.

'Fixer Upper' (2013 - present)

Fixer Upper" is definitely the show for you.

'Love It or List It' (2008 - present)

Do you and your life partner disagree when it comes to home buying? One thinks the house or apartment you live in is great, but could be incredible if you just spiffed it up a bit. The other believes the space to be unsalvageable, so you should cut your losses and move on. Well, "Love It or List It" is here for you feuding lovebirds. You can sit there for hours, watching -- arguing over whether to buy a ready-to-move-in new place or just put in some elbow grease and transform your current place like Cinderella's fairy godmother.

'Design on a Dime' (2003 - present)

Trying to redo your home but don't want to spend a fortune? Then "Design on a Dime" is the show to consume over and over again. The current host, Home Improvement binge. Sorry, kids, Tim Allen won't be helping with your upcoming renovation projects.