Here's the synopsis for Sunday's "Game of Thrones" Season 6, Episode 9, "Battle of the Bastards": "Terms of surrender are rejected and accepted."

Does Ramsay Bolton first reject and then accept surrender? Sounds good from here, but we'll see on June 19.

Jon Snow appears to lead the charge against the artist formerly known as Ramsay Snow in the massive SnowBowl battle, but Jon is not alone. Sansa Stark Lannister Bolton (watch them make her marry a Frey next) is the true power behind this fight to reclaim Winterfell (and, fingers crossed, save her brother Rickon).
Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa, sounds excited for fans to see the battle play out:

Hype it, sister! Hopefully by emphasizing the "UN" she's not trying to say we literally won't believe what happens (like we still don't quite believe that Arya Stark survived what should've been lethal wounds from a trained assassin in Episode 8). It probably just means that the hour lives up to the exciting trailer, stunning photos, and previous hype from Kit Harington and producers that it's an "epic" episode and the biggest battle they've ever done on the show.

Watch the promo again:
The only downside is that after this epic episode we only have one more hour (actually 69 minutes for the finale) left to Season 6. What are we supposed to do for the next year?

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