"Two things are gonna happen in the next 90 seconds..." That's the start of a classic Cruise Control scene in the new "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back" trailer, showing 's title character feeling no need for speed, even when handcuffed, as he calmly tells local law enforcement how it is.

This first look at the "Jack Reacher" sequel comes via Entertainment Tonight, with co-star giving behind-the-scenes details about the plot.

Cruise's Reacher is a "drifter and former Army officer," with Smulders playing Major Susan Turner, who took Reacher's place as commander of the military police. But when Turner is arrested for "espionage," Reacher believes she was set up, and heads out to help.

"He's alone and he's sort of in his element, and then he couples up with me and all hell breaks loose," Smulders says with a smile. "We're on the run for this entire movie. We're not spies. You really have to use your brains, you can't rely on any tools."

Watch the trailer:

UPDATE: Here's the full first trailer, with more footage and without Entertainment Tonight or Cobie Smulders commentary:

People recently shared first look photos from the movie, and director Edward Zwick told the magazine that both Cruise, 53, and Smulders, 34, did their own stunts. "I've never seen anybody more prepared both physically and mentally than Tom," Zwick said. "He's tireless and unbelievably focused."

"Jack Reacher: Never Go Back" is scheduled for release October 21.

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