Winter is coming, but first comes fall, and that is apparently when we can expect "Game of Thrones" Season 7 to start filming.

The showrunners recently said the schedule is being delayed this year, which means GoT is not filming in late July, like they usually do. Instead, the previous Season 7 casting notice Watchers on the Wall shared -- for a Northern boy and girl to film in September and October -- seems to be toward the start of filming, instead of deep into it.

Watchers on the Wall always does a great job of sharing behind-the-scenes details between seasons, and they recently posted a brief update for thirsty fans:

"Game of Thrones pre-production news is thinner on the ground this year, as the show has pushed filming back until September of 2016. But casting has continued, we've heard. As reported back in June, GoT began casting for season 7, looking for a pair of Northern young people for a 'a high-stakes scene.'"

[Here's more on that.]

"We've heard rumblings over the last couple weeks from our sources that the castings have continued but no major roles have been secured or leaked at this point. More than just two young performers are being cast, we've heard there will be several, but the exact parts are still unknown."

They also found what appears to be a now-deleted tweet from the Yorkshire Academy of Film & Television Acting, promoting a couple of young students who were said to be auditioning for GoT. Here's what was posted on July 9: "Excited for #YAFTA #actresses #LottieCheverton and #HannahWaring who #audition for Game of Thrones today! Good luck!"

That tweet appears to be gone, but the account did post a photo of Hannah Waring for a different audition notice:

Good luck to her, and all auditioning actors. Season 7 does not have an official episode count at this point, but the showrunners said the next two seasons will be the last and they will both be "a bit shorter" than the usual 10 episodes. Season 7 has been rumored to have seven episodes, with Season 8 having six, but HBO has yet to confirm anything. Maybe official word will come out of San Diego Comic-Con later this month.

There are no further details on that "high-stakes scene with leading cast members," but if it's being filmed in September/October, near the start of Season 7 production, then it's probably close to the events of the Season 6 finale, where Jon Snow was just declared the King in the North. The showrunners said the Jon/Sansa relationship would be "crucial to watch," so keep that in mind.

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