The first official photo for "The Walking Dead" Season 7 was released yesterday, and it was basically a repeat from the Season 6 finale: More Negan at the bat. (See below.) Fans haven't had the usual new season teases to chew on during this hiatus, probably because anything would be a potential cliffhanger spoiler. However, Entertainment Weekly promised more information from The Powers That Be this week (the first poster, perhaps?), and San Diego Comic-Con should bring a trailer, a release date, and more.

But anyone who wants answers may have already found them in the basic intel of who hasn't been seen on the Atlanta-based set. The Spoiling Dead Fans, which has been threatened with lawsuit if it reveals who Negan killed, has local members who hang out around set, and the site shared a rundown of characters who have and have not been seen so far this shooting season.

[Warning: Potential plot spoilers ahead]

Since both Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) were only seen for Episode 1, that has led to a lot of speculation that they are both early season victims -- one by Negan's Season 6 finale kill, and the other shortly afterward.

Here's TSDF's theory on the order:

EW's story on the first Season 7 photo also included another quote from Season 6 finale/Season 7 premiere director Greg Nicotero that Negan's victim will be revealed right in Episode 1. The comments to that story are filled with several responses with (potential) spoilers:

• Glenn and Abe die. Neither guy has been seen on set since filming for E1 and in fact Steven was in South Korea for a long time and now is in L.A. and Cudlitz is all over the place. Neither in GA.

• Yup the only question is the order. I still suspect it's Abe by Lucille and Glenn 2nd, that will be their "twist". Allowing the comic victim to survive that moment only to kill him off later in the episode. It's not a mystery. Neither filming, all other actors seen. Worst cliffhanger ever.

• The other twist is Daryl gets taken prisoner by Negan after trying to stop him from killing Abe, and then Glenn is killed as punishment.

It's possible the Glenn/Abe thing is part of The Powers That Be's plan to throw spoiler watchers off the scent, but right now fans are discussing the characters's fates, and some are already mourning them:

All of these fans could be way off, or maybe it was really that simple. Either way, there's always more to each season than who died, even when the death comes via a massive cliffhanger, so fans just hope the full season is as strong as the hype always suggests.

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