Wow, they really botched the landing on this one. Fans of "The Divergent Series" are feeling factionless at the moment, after news that the final film in the series, "Ascendant," will not be released in theaters as planned. Instead, as Variety reports, Lionsgate wants to wrap up the series with a TV movie, seguing into a standalone TV series set in the same world.

Why? Probably because they miscalculated on the most recent film, "Allegiant." It had a rough time with critics and fans at the box office, possibly because of the decision to split the final book in the series into two films instead of just putting the whole book story in one film. But after "Harry Potter" and "The Hunger Games," studios have been doing that split-the-final-book thing, and in this case it backfired. "Ascendant" was supposed to be the big finish, shooting this summer in Atlanta for a release in theaters next June 2017 (opposite "World War Z 2" and "The Mummy" reboot), but Variety said the box office performance of "Allegiant" made them rethink that idea.

It's not even clear if stars Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ansel Elgort, and company will return for the "Ascendant" TV movie. So, understandably, fans who have invested in the franchise to date feel disappointed and angry.

Here are some reactions to the news:

Any fans still curious to see how this ends will have to stay tuned for further details on the TV movie and spinoff series ... if they even go ahead with both.

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