ClueSince every single popular '80s movie is getting (or gotten) a remake, of course "Clue" is next in line.

According to Tracking Board, Hasbro is working with 20th Century Fox for a remake of the 1985 cult classic (itself based on the board game of the same name). A new version of "Clue" has been in the works for years, with Hasbro first partnering with Universal to turn their board games into movies. But that deal only yielded the disaster that was the "Battleship" movie and the blink-and-you-missed-it "Ouija" movie. Hasbro then turned to director Gore Verbinski to direct and produce, but the project fell into development hell.

But Hasbro is seemingly determined to remake "Clue." Not only that, Tracking Board notes the company wants the new version to be a "worldwide mystery with action-adventure elements, potentially setting up a possible franchise that could play well internationally."

Hey, if Marvel, DC Comics, and even Transformers can have their own universes, Hasbro wants one, too. And it'll use whatever candlesticks, ropes, and lead pipes necessary to make it happen.

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