Picture it: Summer 2015. Celeb power couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner had just announced their separation. A little flick called "Jurassic World" roared to life at the box office. And Matt Damon debuted the most curious hairstyle of his career: a curly ponytail. The internet couldn't get enough of the star's long locks back then, and those follicular obsessives are once again in luck, since Damon is now sporting a similar style for the second time in just over a year. What a time to be alive.

The actor reemerged with a man bun this week while promoting "Jason Bourne" in China, a look that's almost identical to the ponytail he paraded around -- also in China -- last year. That time, Damon sported the 'do because he was in the midst of filming the period epic "The Great Wall" (which is also a monster movie, because why not), a flick that's taken some flak over its alleged racist casting of Damon in the so-called "white savior" role.

Since the release of "The Great Wall" was pushed back from late this year to February of next year, it seems safe to say that Damon's hairstyle has returned thanks to reshoots. And he's probably not too happy about revisiting the look, if his previous comments on the subject are any indication.

Last year, Damon revealed on "The Graham Norton Show" that the style was the result of hundreds of hair extensions that required a painstaking application process, and had to be left in for five months while shooting "The Great Wall." The actor didn't exactly relish the experience.

"There were 700 hair extensions. It was a full day to put them in. They flew somebody all the way to Beijing to put them in," Damon told Norton. "Then I had to manage that hair. I have a whole new appreciation for my wife and daughters. It's very hard to do."

We can't feel too sorry for the actor, though, since he's probably earning a pretty big paycheck for the part. And whenever a celeb can inspire a parody Twitter account, we always consider that a win.

[via: Yahoo!]