In this age of Peak TV, it seems no television show is ever truly over, with series like "Gilmore Girls," "Arrested Development," "Full House," "Boy Meets World," "The X-Files," "24," "Prison Break," and "MacGyver" all getting reboots, revivals, spinoffs, or continuation series in recent years. So it makes sense, then, that "Parenthood" creator Jason Katims would want to get in on the trend, too.

As he explained in an interview with TVLine, Katims would love to return to the Braverman clan some day, catching fans up on what's been happening with the extended family at the center of the NBC drama, which signed off in 2015 after six seasons. According to TVLine, NBC had apparently tried to get the gang back together again for a one-off Christmas reunion special last year, but those plans never materialized; Katims wouldn't comment on that scenario, but said that he was very much interested on checking in with his beloved characters some day in the future.

And "Parenthood" star Lauren Graham is a key reason why Katims is entertaining that idea. According to the creator, when he saw that the actress was reprising her "Gilmore Girls" role for the revival series, "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life," he was intrigued by the concept.

"I asked someone who was working on it how they structured it and how it all worked," Katims explained to TVLine. "Because I was thinking that might happen [with 'Parenthood'] down the road a few years."

And while there's nothing official in the works yet, the creator told TVLine he's been putting a lot of thought into just how he would bring back the Bravermans.

" ... [T]he whole thing about 'Parenthood' is the kids get a little older and their lives change and then there's more story to tell," Katims told the site. "I feel like that will happen at some point. And then it will be a question of, logistically, can we get the actors [back together] at the same time? And then we have to [find an outlet] that wants to [air] it."

We know that Graham is definitely on board, since she enthusiastically tweeted about Katims's interview, also referencing the "Gilmore Girls" revival (and her new, "Gilmore"-centric memoir).

Whenever he comes up with an idea, we think Katims should definitely give Netflix a call. Keep your fingers crossed, fans.

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