2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Ryan Lochte is still getting a lot of attention for his "over-exaggerated" robbed-at-gunpoint scandal at the Rio Olympics. He's rumored to be on the new season of "Dancing With the Stars," and last night he was mocked by Jimmy Fallon at the 2016 VMAs, while his former teammate Michael Phelps filmed the bit from the audience."Is it too late now to say sorry?" Fallon-as-Lochte told the audience, before claiming he wrote that song, filmed all of the Video of the Year nominees, had a "30-way with Kanye West," and "made 'Lemonade' with Queen Bey. I'm Reezy with the good hair!"

He later quipped, "Who had the Best Video of the year? I can't tell you that. I couldn't tell you even if there was a gun to my head, which there isn't, but I still couldn't choose."

Not everyone in the audience looked thrilled about the spoof, but Michael Phelps -- who had introduced a performance earlier in the show -- had a big smile on his face and could be seen saying "Oh my god" and "awesome."

Watch the segment: The full cast of DWTS Season 23 will be announced tomorrow morning (Tuesday, August 30) on "Good Morning America," and you might see Ryan Lochte there, and he may be asked about Fallon's impersonation. He should be flattered.

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