FX and the "American Horror Story" team have gone to great pains to keep the Season 6 theme under wraps, but it seems that their efforts may have been thwarted by two unfortunate errors.

After differing key art and multiple promos were released to throw fans off the scent, two slip-ups may have ended the mystery. Fans took note earlier this week when Rotten Tomatoes had Season 6 of the horror anthology listed as "American Horror Story: The Mist," reports Entertainment Weekly. The movie and TV website reportedly removed the subtitle, but it wasn't fast enough to end speculation.

If it had just been one instance, we could have written it off as an error, but shortly thereafter, a Reddit user shared a screenshot of a recent "TV Guide," and it also listed the show as "American Horror Story: The Mist."

AHS titled revealed in TV Guide? This is in their schedule in the latest issue.

It would be a pretty strange coincidence for both Rotton Tomatoes and "TV Guide" to incorrectly use the wrong theme, but who knows? Maybe it is all part of the ruse.

FX hasn't responded to the possible leak so far, so we may not find out the theme for sure until "American Horror Story" Season 6 premieres on Sept. 14. You can prepare yourself for the possibility by watching the creepy "Mist" promo, released in August, below:[via: Entertainment Weekly]