Lifetime is sweeping "Devious Maids" into the trash bin after four seasons. Fans are not happy, but they are hopeful that another network or streaming service will pick it up, especially since Season 4 ended on a major cliffhanger. Maybe, like "Nashville" or "The Mindy Project," it'll just head somewhere new, the way DM started as ABC pilot then went over to Lifetime.

Deadline broke the cancellation news, and listed the ratings decline that probably led to Lifetime's decision:

"It got off to a strong start, with its freshman season peaking at 3 million Live+same day viewers for the season finale. The ratings have slipped in each consecutive season, with the most recent fourth season averaging 0.923 million viewers (L+SD), but the show has been consistent, with virtually no drop-off throughout Season 4. Its average still was twice the viewership of Lifetime's other original scripted series, the critically praised 'UnReal.'"

Deadline's story has more than 90 comments, with fans offering variations of reactions like these:

"Noooo! Could El Rey Network or TLC save it? I need last one season to wrap things up. Please!"

"Nooooo, I loved that show."

"I loved that show!! It was hilarious!! Hope someone else picks it up!!! (NETFLIX?!?! HULU?!?)"

"And yet another series ends with an unresolved cliffhanger. Thanks, guys."

"While I will miss the show very much and I am disappointed by the cancellation, I can't say I'm surprised — just more annoyed that the executives could not have reached this choice PRIOR to airing a cliffhanger flash-forward in a finale that otherwise would have provided a pretty good wrap-up. I would also like to ask for a wrap-up movie or something to finish the cliffhanger, but know that probably won't happen from a business perspective. Oh well. It was great fun while it lasted!"

"So sad to hear. Love that show couldn't wait for next season find out what happen. Not a good way to end the show. Come on give us one more season with an ending for each of the maids."

"Lifetime could at least finish season 5 with an ending to devious maids,they did the same thing to witches of East end,which was also a good show with no ending"

Fans also shared their frustrations on Twitter, with one fan launching a petition to revive the show.

As they wrote in the petition:

"...Plus, Devious Maids ended on a very big cliffhanger, and fans were hoping to see how it'd end. We don't ask much: just a conclusion for the series. Just... Something. 10 episodes, less episodes. A TV film, just something to give us the chance to say goodbye as we would like to. To see our fantastic actors one last time together.

And that's not asking you something big. You can do it. You already proved it with Drop Dead Diva. Back in the days, you cancelled it after Season Five, before deciding to revive it for a sixth and finale season. We're just asking you to do the same for Devious Maids."

What do you think: Should Lifetime give DM the "Drop Dead Diva" treatment? Or do you hope it finds a home on another network/streaming service? Or should fans just say goodbye and let the show RIP?

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