Star Wars Force AwakensThe "Star Wars" films have always boasted jaw-dropping imagery, and "The Force Awakens" was no exception. And this behind-the-scenes reel shows the amazing visual effects work created by Industrial Light & Magic.

"The Force Awakens" had a ton of practical effects, an important ingredient for director J.J. Abrams, who pitched the movie as a throwback to the original films. But "Force Awakens" actually had more visual effects that "The Phantom Menace"! It's just that much of them are seamless and unnoticeable in the final edit.

There's the usual green screen stuff, like when Rey (Daisy Ridley) scavenges in the abandoned Star Destroyer, and erasing parts of practical effects, like removing the wheels off of Rey's cruiser so that it floats. The reel also shows the creation of digital characters like Unkar Plutt and Maz Kanata. Maybe the most impressive effect is that Star Destroyer itself — ILM added layer upon layer to create the ship.

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