With a sequel to 1999's "Blair Witch Project" soon to arrive in theaters, Screen Junkies saw the perfect opportunity to mock the original found footage psychological horror flick as part of its Honest Trailers series.

As with any horror movie, there was plenty to criticize about the characters' actions. The footage shows us just how many people warned the teens to stay out of the woods and the amount of time they spent whining at each other and running from things we couldn't see. That wasn't the scariest aspect of the film, though, according to the comical trailer.

"Suit up for the fake snuff film that introduced the world to the scariest monster of all: viral internet marketing."

If you can't remember back to 1999, the Screen Junkie's video includes ample reminder of how the film's marketing team made it seem like a true story. There are a number of shining moments throughout, so watch below to relive the, er, glory of "The Blair Witch Project."

The film's sequel, "Blair Witch", hits theaters on Sept. 16, so get excited for the return of shaky camera work, rocks, sticks, and screams.