MOROCCO-CINEMA-FESTIVAL-MARRAKESHComedy legend Bill Murray has a penchant for showing up in unexpected places and delighting surprised fans with his shenanigans. So it makes perfect sense, then, that the actor would sign up for a bartending stint at a new Brooklyn restaurant this weekend.

The gig isn't quite as random as it sounds, though, since the restaurant in question, swanky eatery 21 Greenpoint, is owned and operated by Murray's son, Homer. As the younger Murray explained in an interview with Eater, the idea to bring his dad into the mix was meant to add an extra level of levity to the opening weekend celebration.

"We want people to come and have fun,'' Homer Murray told Eater. "People can walk in; just be nice. What my dad lacks in experience, he makes up for in tequila.''

That last sentence sounds like a lesson that the elder Murray -- and the rest of us -- would certainly live by.

Unfortunately for curious fans, word of Murray's appearance quickly took the internet by storm, and according to Eater, Homer Murray decided to nix the restaurant's open door policy for the event, instead installing a guest list for the occasion. The official reasoning supplied by Homer was "capacity" issues.

Despite that buzzkill, we have no doubt that Bill Murray will bring his quirky, irreverent A-game to his drink-slinging gig. We can wait to hear all of the sure-to-be-legendary stories -- and see all the awesome photos -- that this event inspires.

[via: Eater]

Photo credit: AFP/Getty Images