You know her name now! "America's Got Talent" Season 11 winner Grace VanderWaal, age 12, wowed the judges with her first audition, playing the ukulele to her original song, "I Don't Know My Name." Simon Cowell called her the next Taylor Swift, but she's really the first Grace VanderWaal, and she's now $1 million richer, and set to headline her own Las Vegas show.

VanderWaal is also the first female act to win AHS since Bianca Ryan, then age 11, back in AGT Season 1 in 2006.

Nick Cannon and his questionable turban choice told the audience the votes were extremely tight, down to 1 percent difference between the group of finalists. In the end, VanderWaal beat out The Clairvoyants (despite The Clairvoyants having the more Vegas-friendly show, but don't worry, they will be part of her Vegas run -- see below).After her win, the suitably thrilled young star told People she wants to give a lot of her prize money to charity, probably a music charity, then added this adorable note: "but I want to go on 'Treehouse Masters' and I want to get a treehouse."

Sold! Can't you just picture her up in a treehouse, singing and playing her ukulele? She's a little character.

Simon Cowell told People her win reminded him of another young superstar from his past, a certain "American Idol" OG: "That moment at the end, it reminded me of the Kelly Clarkson moment. You know, when they said, 'And the winner is Kelly Clarkson,' " Cowell told People. "I kind of had that same feeling again when they read her name out, and I saw her reaction and she was literally in pieces. I like that though."

Yeah, we like it, too. Congrats, Grace!

FYI, NBC released details on the Vegas shows, and AGT Season 12:

VanderWaal will headline inside the PH Showroom at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on October 27-29. She will be joined by The Clairvoyants and Tape Face as well. Ticket information can be found at or by phone at (702) 777-2782 or (855) 234-7469.

Auditions for season 12 of "America's Got Talent" will kick off in Chicago on Nov. 12 and will make 10 stops throughout the country, including Austin, Texas; Cleveland, Ohio; Jacksonville, Fla.; Philadelphia, Penn.; Las Vegas, Nev.; Charleston, S.C.; Memphis, Tenn.; Los Angeles, Calif.; and New York. For full details or to submit an online audition, please visit

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