full house, fuller house, nelson, D.J., D.J. tanner, nelson burkhardYet another familiar character from "Full House" will resurface on "Fuller House" for its sophomore season, but he won't have a familiar face: The series is recasting the role of Nelson, one of D.J.'s (Candace Cameron Bure) high school boyfriends.

TVLine reports that actor and comedian Hal Sparks (best known for a starring role on Showtime's "Queer as Folk," and as one of the talking heads of VH1's "I Love the..." series) will take over the part, replacing actor Jason Marsden. But there's no bad blood between Marsden and the "Fuller House" crew, and the show did in fact reach out to the original actor asking if he'd like to reprise his role.

In a series of Twitter videos, Marsden said Netflix and the "Fuller House" creative team contacted him several times trying to figure out a way for the actor to return. Unfortunately, Marsden said, things just didn't work out, but he added that he holds no ill will toward the show, and encouraged his followers to adopt a similar attitude and continue watching the series.

As for how Nelson will fit into "Fuller House," TVLine writes, "He'll bump into D.J. at their high school reunion, where she'll discover that he hasn't changed one bit — well, except for his face."

"Full House" fans will remember that Nelson is pretty nerdy but also pretty rich -- and has a limo on retainer should anyone need to search for their missing dog. And he absolutely adored D.J., though she ultimately didn't feel the same.

Season two of "Fuller House" is filming now. No word yet on when the new episodes will hit Netflix.

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