PassengersIt's the ultimate meet cute: Boy and girl wake up all alone in the middle of a deep space journey to a planetary colony. They fall in love. And then they have to risk their lives to save the ship.

That's the premise of "Passengers," the sci-fi adventure love story starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt (aka our Hollywood best friends). Sony debuted the first trailer today, and it showcases the electric chemistry between the two actors.

The highly anticipated movie is set on a luxury spaceship filled with 5,000 people headed for a new colony. They're put in suspended animation for the 120-year journey, but Jim and Aurora accidentally wake up 30 years in. Of course, they develop feelings for each other and go on a date, with a robot Michael Sheen pouring drinks. They explore the vast ship, on which they are the only two people awake. And then, they have to team up to save everyone from doom when they realize their ship is failing.

The trailer seems to show a lot of the movie, though there are unknown twists ahead. Lawrence and Pratt have great chemistry, as we said, and there's some stunning set-pieces and cool imagery. It might well be the big holiday movie this year.

"Passengers" opens in theaters Dec. 21.

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