Walking DeadBow down — and meet King Ezekial!

AMC rolled out a "Walking Dead" promo featuring the new character, played by Khary Payton, introduced in season 7. Ezekial rules over a community called the Kingdom, set up at an old college campus. Morgan (Lennie James) is taken there by armor-wearing horseback riders and meets their ruler, a former zookeeper who keeps a pet tiger around for protection. Season 7 starts with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and crew facing uber-villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). The cliffhanger that has tortured fans for months is the question of who will die at the end of his bat. And it seems the survivors will have to learn to live by his rules.

Other characters, like Morgan and Carol (Melissa McBride), are scattered to the wind, and encounter other communities like the Kingdom. Lincoln teased, "The world just gets bigger and bigger ... and cooler and more exciting."

"The Walking Dead" season 7 premieres Sunday, Oct. 23 on AMC.

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