The Image Awards"Friends." The two actresses are genuinely close friends and have supported each other's projects, but no Cox/Kudrow reunion has been so delightful as their recent appearance on "Celebrity Name Game."

Cox is an executive producer of the game show, and Kudrow has been on it before. The two played a bonus round on this week's episode, and it was ... "Friends" trivia!

Admittedly, the questions were not hard — though Kudrow did struggle a bit with naming the Ugly Naked Guy. But how adorable is she mimicking Matt LeBlanc while saying Joey's "how you doin'?" line? Even better is Cox impersonating David Schwimmer's Ross and his pathetic "hi." Can these two BE any cuter? The only way the trivia round could've been better is if one of the answers had been "Miss Chanandler Bong."

Best "Friends" forever!

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