the crown, queen elizabeth, netflix, claire foyNetflix reportedly pumped a whopping $156 million into its upcoming original series, "The Crown," which chronicles the early rule of England's Queen Elizabeth II, and based on the show's sumptuous first full trailer, it looks like every penny was put to good use.

Claire Foy stars as Elizabeth, who must assume the throne after her father, King George VI (played by "Mad Men" alum Jared Harris), dies. Elizabeth is still quite young (she's only 25 when she begins her rule), and complicating matters is the fact that those in power in England (read: a bunch of men) aren't entirely keen on having a woman in charge of them.

Then there's Elizabeth's new marriage to Philip (Matt Smith), which is strained by the fact that she literally rules over her husband.

"Are you my wife or my queen?" Philip asks Elizabeth in one tense exchange.

"I am both, and a strong man would be able to kneel to both," Elizabeth replies.

The supporting cast includes John Lithgow as prime minister Winston Churchill, and the creative team is stellar, pairing writer Peter Morgan (an Oscar nominee for another QEII project, "The Queen") with director Stephen Daldry (Oscar-nominated for "The Reader," "The Hours," and "Billy Elliot"). So far, it appears that this series is a solid investment for the streaming service.

"The Crown" debuts on Netflix on November 4.

Photo credit: Netflix