Well-off pop culture fans looking to relocate to San Francisco have had a plethora of choices lately: First, the iconic house used as the exterior of the Tanner home on "Full House" was made available for rent, and now, the home used in "Mrs. Doubtfire" is also on the market.

The stunning Victorian house, located at 2640 Steiner St. in San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood, served as the home of Miranda and Daniel Hillard in 1993's "Mrs. Doubtfire," which starred Robin Williams as a divorced father who goes undercover as a British female housekeeper to get closer to his kids with his estranged wife (Sally Field). Much of the film was shot in the house, and while it's undergone some updates over the years (the exterior is yellow now, and the kitchen has been remodeled), it still looks almost identical to its early '90s self.

As listing agent Steven Gothelf explained to SF Gate, the four-bedroom house sets itself apart from other Victorians of its era (the home was built in 1893) thanks to its larger-than-average rooms and more open floor plan. Sunlight streams into almost every crevice of the home, and original woodwork can be found throughout the property.

The asking price may make some fans wince, though: At $4.45 million, it's not exactly aimed at the average homebuyer. And anyone who purchases the property should be comfortable with a steady stream of tourists looking for a photo op. (The location also became a makeshift memorial to Williams after his 2014 death.)

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[via: SF Gate]