After years of promises from writer and star Tina Fey, the long-awaited musical adaptation of beloved teen comedy "Mean Girls" is finally, officially happening, with a tentative opening date and city announced.

The news was revealed by an official "Mean Girls" Twitter account affiliated with the show, which tweeted out on October 3 (a fitting date, if we do say so ourselves), "The 'Mean Girls' musical is coming to Washington, D.C. Fall of 2017!" Perhaps it will be opening in time for the next Mean Girls Day?

That squeal-inducing announcement was joined by confirmation from a verified Instagram account (also affiliated with the production), as well as the official "Mean Girls" Facebook page, which shared links to the other social media accounts. At long last, it looks like "fetch" really is going to happen after all.

Fey has been talking about turning "Mean Girls" into a musical for close to a decade now, and recently fanned the flames by teasing earlier this year that she would be working all summer on the project. The writer-actress is collaborating on the show with her composer husband Jeff Richmond (who wrote music for "30 Rock" and "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt") and lyricist Nell Benjamin.

The details are scant so far, but we're thrilled that there's at least a specific timeframe and location set in stone for the production. "Mean Girls" won't be like a regular musical, it will be a cool musical, and we can't wait. (Just don't expect to sit with us when we get tickets.)

[via: Mean Girls DC]