Cast members Ryan Reynolds (R) and HughOld Man Logan -- or just "Logan" -- will return to theaters one last time in March. Hugh Jackman revealed the official title of his third Wolverine film in a billboard photo, and director James Mangold shared the poster on Twitter with the March 3, 2017 release date in clear view.

Mangold also teased a copy of Page 2 of the "Logan" script, for anyone who wants to zoom in close and get some early spoilers. (Warning: There's an f-bomb right at the top of the script page and more curse words after that.)

Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool in the same universe as Wolverine (and made his own debut in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine") continued his bromance with Jackman by quickly tweeting this poster joke:

He wins everything just for that perfect hashtag.

Jackman's final Wolverine film is rumored to be based on the Old Man Logan comic book storyline, and the script page above adds more weight to the theory. Like "Deadpool," "Logan" will be rated R. Fox producer Simon Kinberg previously confirmed the story takes place in the future, adding that it's "a very radical, bold, different Wolverine than you've ever seen in any of these movies. [...] [I]t's kind of like a Western in its tone. It's just a very cool, different film."

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