"Jimmy Kimmel Live" set, waiting to be called out for an appearance that never happens. It is the longest running joke on the show and -- from here -- it never goes stale. Last night, Idina Menzel added a new element to the saga when talking to Jimmy Kimmel about her famous musical "Wicked."

Kimmel said he loved the show, and Menzel talked about how it was always awkward when "cute guys" would come backstage to meet her because she wasn't sure if she should shower really quick or meet them with green, sweaty makeup. Some "cute guys," in her estimation, who did show up were Tom Cruise and Vin Diesel, but the one she really wanted to come back was Matt Damon.

Cue Kimmel's face of disgust and oooohs from the audience. He Who Must Not Be Named was just named!

Her story was so cute, though, and matched Kimmel's own Matt Damon fake-out joke:

Idina Menzel: "I was in London during 'Wicked' and all my friends in the cast knew that I had this movie star crush on Matt Damon, so every night they'd say 'Matt Damon's in the audience tonight!' So I'd hit the high note for Matt Damon, and he was never there. And then finally one night they said, 'He really is, we're not lying.' So afterward I get the green [makeup] off, I want to look pretty. And it turns out he got the tickets for his mom and dad."

Jimmy Kimmel: "That sonofa..."

Damon was doing a movie in London, so that's why she thought he might come by. Finally, she said, he did come to see the show and came backstage with his wife and daughter.

Menzel: "He looked like he hated 'Wicked.' He just seemed so bored by it. She was so sweet and the daughter, but he just seemed to hate me."

Kimmel: "Do you think he hated it?"

Menzel: "I think he hated me!"

Kimmel said they had Matt Damon backstage waiting to get on the show, so they could ask him. Menzel laughed, figuring it was part of the ongoing joke. But the camera cut to Damon in his man cave watching Menzel's interview. This is the part that's so cute, and you should really watch.

Kimmel to Damon: "Did you hate 'Wicked'?"

Matt Damon: "I'm kind of hurt by this. I loved 'Wicked.' And I loved Idina in it. We went back, I was in London making a movie last year. We went back..."

Menzel: "But you didn't say anything! You didn't say it was good or anything."

Damon started to say something about how he had been so rude and he was sorry, but -- wouldn't you know it -- Kimmel cut him off.

Kimmel: "Matt, Matt, this is a great story, but we actually don't have time for it..."


Just watch it all:
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