star wars, han solo, harrison ford, the force awakens, millennium falconThe production company behind the making of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is facing a steep fine from the UK government in connection with the on-set accident that injured star Harrison Ford during filming.

Foodles Production Ltd, which is owned and operated by Disney and was created specifically to oversee the production of "The Force Awakens," was ordered by a UK court this week to pay £1.6 million (or just under $2 million) after pleading guilty to two violations of the country's Health and Safety at Work Act. Disney itself will not be charged in the incident.

Court proceedings uncovered additional details about the accident, which occurred in June 2014 while Ford was rehearsing a scene that took place aboard the Millennium Falcon. Ford had entered a hydraulic door that was operated by a person who did not have a clear view of the actor; when Ford turned around to exit the door, a button was accidentally pushed that closed the door on top of him, pinning him to the ground by his pelvis.

The then-71-year-old actor suffered a fractured fibula and tibula and a dislocated ankle, and prosecutors argued that the immense pressure from the hydraulic door -- which they described as "a blunt guillotine" -- was "capable of killing one or possibly two people." Production on "The Force Awakens" was shut down for several weeks while Ford recuperated, and the actor was reportedly given an undisclosed compensation settlement from Foodles for his injuries.

In a statement following the judge's ruling, Foodles said, "The safety of our cast and crew was always a top priority and we deeply regret this unfortunate on-set accident."

[via: Daily Mail]

Photo credit: Disney