When Robin Hood returns to "Once Upon a Time" it won't just be in flashbacks, it won't just be for one episode, and it will be tied to the main story. However, maybe it won't all be good news? Magic always comes with a price...

Regina's (Lana Parrilla) love got killed off last season, but that rarely means goodbye on this show. It was revealed in September that Sean Maguire will return as Robin Hood in a new story arc in Season 6.

The showrunners just shared more details (if not many more) with Entertainment Weekly:

"It's definitely not just him in flashbacks, we can guarantee that," EP Edward Kitsis said. EP Adam Horowitz added: "It's multiple episodes, it's not just in flashback, but it's not necessarily what you'd expect. How he integrates into the story, we want to keep a surprise and unexpected. It's an important part of the main story once it happens."

The "surprise" and "unexpected" and "important part of the main story" teases have us slightly worried that Robin Hood may be the person under the hood who stabs Emma in her vision. No? Yes? Crazy talk? We're meant to learn who's under the hood "before the Christmas break."

Nothing is ever easy on this show, and they love to tease poor Regina with a happy ending, only to give it a serious catch. TV Guide recently asked Lana Parrilla about Robin's return, and she either doesn't know the details yet or she's playing coy:

Robin Hood is slated to return this season. What can you tell us about how that will happen and what will it mean for Regina?

Parrilla: I am very excited that Sean Maguire is going to be joining us again. We can't wait to have him back. It's like a big family reunion for us. I have no idea how they are bringing Sean back but I know it's going to be really cool. I know he's really excited, as are we.

I don't know how Regina is going to respond to Robin Hood. I have no idea how the Evil Queen is going to respond to Robin Hood. That's going to be interesting because wasn't he both of their lovers? That's going to be really interesting to find out. Then you have Zelena with the baby. It's like Robin Hood has three women after him! It's going to be fun.

For now, we'll just wait and hope for the best for Robin, Regina, and the rest of Storybrooke's lost souls.

"Once" continues this Sunday, October 16 at 8 p.m. on ABC, with "Strange Case" following Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Then "Street Rats" shows us Aladdin and Jasmine. The next episodes are called "Dark Waters," "Heartless," "I'll Be Your Mirror," and "Changelings."

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