Sorry, Muggles. For the time being, a spell of "Accio, wand brushes" will get you nothing, thanks to the extreme popularity of Storybook Cosmetics's magical line of makeup brushes.

The company produces "makeup inspired by your favorite stories." They can't actually use the Harry Potter name, but their stunning makeup brushes look good enough to make Mr. Ollivander jealous. The site had its Wizard Brush Set on pre-order, with five brushes selling in a custom velvet wand pouch for $55.

Because anything that even resembles Harry Potter is destined to sell well, the brushes started taking off online. On Sunday, the Storybrook owners referenced their "viral weekend," noting that their brushes "were the number one trending topic on Facebook. No pressure guys... no pressure!"

Today, they updated to note that the brushes were temporarily sold out, even though none have even shipped yet since they're still in the pre-order phase. They also reported getting owls emails from fans around the world:

Stop gloating, smug fans who already ordered! This wand set would make a good Christmas present for the Harry Potter fan in your life who also enjoys makeup. (Hermione would probably pass, unless there's another Yule Ball coming up.)

Head here for more details on the wand brushes and to see when they're available again.

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