ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" - Season ThirteenThe DeLuca drama may just be beginning on "Grey's Anatomy."

Since Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) brutally beat up his colleague Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) over a misunderstanding, he's found himself coping with serious legal and professional fallout. Yet, terrible as those woes are, they may not be the end of it. As viewers have seen, DeLuca and Jo (Camilla Luddington) have been growing closer, which could be bad news for Alex.

In a recent interview with ET, Gianniotti opened up about DeLuca and Jo's relationship -- including whether it could take a romantic turn.

"Andrew feels like an outcast at this point," Gianniotti told ET. "He's gone through this really hard thing and doesn't have anybody to talk to about it, so in Jo he sees an ally, comrade and someone who not only understands where he's coming from, but was actually there."

He admitted that it's just friendship at this point, but he didn't shut down the possibility of that changing. Of course, given how the whole mess got started, he thinks DeLuca should "tread lightly in that direction."

That definitely sounds like solid advice, but let's face it: Logic rarely stops Grey Sloan's doctors from make bad romantic decisions.

[via: ET]