BRITAIN-CINEMA-PREMIERE-X-MENAmerica's Best Girl Friend is ready to play America's First Flapper.

Jennifer Lawrence is attached to star in a biopic about Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife and muse of novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Titled "Zelda," the project is being developed by Ron Howard, who may also direct.

The biopic would tell the story of a woman born in Alabama to a prominent Southern family. She met her future husband when he was stationed outside Montgomery during an army stint. After they married, they became socialites and celebrated artists of the Jazz Age, and Zelda was described by her husband as "the first American flapper." But their marriage was marred by alcoholism, infidelity, and bitterness. Zelda's schizophrenia eventually tore them apart and they died in separation.

As the official description explains, "The film explores the question — can love exist between creative equals?"

The project could be another ticket to the Academy Awards for Lawrence. She's been nominated four times in six years, including for last year's "Joy," and she's a contender again with this year's "Passengers."

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