Sometimes you really should just stick with Johnny Karate. "Doctor Strange" opens November 4, and even though technically the lead character is a "magician," his powerful brand of sorcery isn't really a good fit for children's birthday parties. But no one told Jimmy Kimmel.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live," and Kimmel gave him a sketch somewhat reminiscent of Seth Meyers having Jon Snow over for a dinner party and inviting Melisandre to a baby shower. In this case, Cumberbatch's Dr. Stephen Strange was called to entertain a bunch of wild "demons" on a cupcake sugar high, and he ... well, just ask Marcus if it was a good idea. If you can ever find him again. (To be fair, Marcus deserved it.)

Watch the ultimate party pooper in action:

Yes, that is what happens when you trust someone's LinkedIn profile.

Full "Doctor Strange" reviews haven't been posted yet, but critics shared their initial impressions on Twitter, and so far it looks like a decent bet. Check out the Marvel film for yourself when it opens Friday, November 4.

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