Sorry if this ruins your hope of being the next Mrs. Hemsworth, but it turns out the real-life Thor is not looking for a new wife.

Chris Hemsworth and Spanish model/actress Elsa Pataky ("Fast & Furious") responded to their recent tabloid treatment in two new Instagram posts. A story in Australia's Woman's Day Magazine had alleged they were "taking a little break from each other" after being married for about six years and having two children. Well, that was news to Hemsworth, who posted this cheeky photo with Pataky:

Haha. Yes, your honey still loves you. To prove it publicly, and further put the trouble-in-paradise rumors to rest, Pataky shared her own photo:

Ahora y siempre ! Always and forever!! ???? @chrishemsworth

A photo posted by Elsa Pataky (@elsapatakyconfidential) on

Good to hear! Hemsworth is currently filming "Thor: Ragnarok," which started shooting in early July in Australia and is expected to continue until early November. The film will be released November 3, 2017.

[h/t: People]

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