'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back' Berlin Premiere; Berlin PremiereMore than 30 years after it first hit theaters, "Top Gun" still doesn't have a sequel. While there's been talk over the past few years of finally making "Top Gun 2" a reality, no concrete plans for the follow-up have materialized yet. So is the project actually happening, or not?

Star Tom Cruise addressed that question in a recent interview with "The Graham Norton Show," where the host asked him about his meeting with producer Jerry Bruckheimer back in January. Bruckheimer and Cruise shared a photo of themselves smiling together, with the promise that they were talking about "Top Gun 2," though there's been no word about the project since then.

According to the actor, the film isn't exactly a done deal yet -- but it's not dead, either.

"Yes, we're discussing it," Cruise told Norton of the long-awaited sequel. "We're trying to figure it out. ... If we can figure it out, I'd love to work on it."

One of Cruise's stipulations is reportedly that he'd like to do his own stunts, just as he did for the first flick. The actor reminisced about the experience with Norton, though he noted that learning how to fly was also a lesson in learning how not to barf all over the cockpit. Guess moviemaking isn't always so glamorous after all.

The fact that Cruise is talking about the project so openly gives us hope that it may still happen after all. Stay tuned for more intel from the star.

Photo credit: Getty Images for Paramount Pictures