You OK? "The Walking Dead" fans waited almost seven months for answers from the Season 6 finale, and what they got in the Season 7 premiere led many to (half-jokingly) say they needed time off from school or work to grieve for TWD Family members.

*Spoilers ahead from the Season 7 premiere*

Season 7, Episode 1 had a double dose of death; a pregnant woman losing the father of her child; and a father almost chopping off the arm of his son. Plus, Daryl got kidnapped. It was a rough hour, followed by 90 minutes of rain on "Talking Dead."

#TheWalkingDead was already trending before the premiere started and -- honestly -- there was some slight relief out there when it looked like Abraham might be Negan's only victim. No disrespect to the sonofad*ck but he's not an Atlanta 5 Original. However, after Daryl lost his temper and punched Negan, Negan decided to retaliate in his way -- he stole Daryl ("he's mine now") for his own group (presumably taking him back to the Saviors's base, called the Sanctuary) and bashed Glenn to death as punishment. So Glenn got a version of his comic book death, but with a "remix" to account for Daryl, who is not even in the comics.

Fans obviously lost it at that point, and things only got darker when Rick was forced to cut off Carl's arm, and only stopped because Negan wanted to break him to the point of begging. It worked. Also, The Powers That Be cruelly gave us a window into a future that never-was, with Glenn holding his and Maggie's baby. Heartbreaking!

Many fans tweeted their depression and tears, which shows how invested fans still are after seven seasons of main character deaths:

And the season has only just begun! We'll have to stay tuned for ratings numbers, but the premiere probably did quite well; hopefully The Powers That Be don't take that as a sign that they should keep torturing fans with cliffhangers and kills. Give us a light at the end of the tunnel!

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