ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" - Season ThirteenAmelia didn't leave her baggage behind when she made the move from "Private Practice" to "Grey's Anatomy."

Actress Caterina Scorsone, who joined the Grey Sloan gang in Season 10, recently opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about how her character will have to address her past during Season 13. So much for getting to enjoy the honeymoon stage Owen (Kevin McKidd).

It's never all rainbows and sunshine for anyone on "Grey's Anatomy," so we shouldn't be surprised that there's turbulence ahead. We already saw Amelia's problems begin with her pregnancy scare that wasn't. Both she and Owen were thrilled at the idea of her being pregnant, so now that they know she's not, Amelia has to face her past.

Back on "Private Practice," the doctor, who once had a drug problem, delivered a baby boy, who was tragically born without a brain. Not surprisingly, all of this baby talk is starting to dredge up old feelings -- ones Amelia doesn't know quite how to deal with. Scorsone warned that Amelia is "distancing herself" from Owen as she tries to reclaim that wedded bliss, which sounds like the last thing she should do.

"She really wants this and her trauma is hijacking her plans," Scorsone told THR.

Both Amelia and Owen are overdue for some longer-lasting happiness, so let's hope they can get back there in the coming weeks.

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[via: The Hollywood Reporter]