Is she The One? "Grey's Anatomy" Season 13 will welcome actress Marika Dominczyk starting in the November 3 episode, and at the moment she is one of the contenders for Arizona's new romance.

Entertainment Weekly shared two first-look photos, and added details on her character. Dominczyk (wife of "Grey's" alum and "Scandal" star Scott Foley) will be playing Eliza Minnick, described as "a new consultant who puts all of the doctors on edge, especially once she starts stepping on toes in the OR."

Here are the photos:

It's not guaranteed that she will be the new love interest. EW noted that actress Bridget Regan tweeted that she was joining the show in an undisclosed role...

... and she is now high on the list of likely lovers. We also have the return of Arizona's (and Karev's) former flame Leah (Tessa Ferrer). Fans hope Leah is not The One since that's not exactly a fresh start for her or anyone.

Leah is returning in the episode tonight (October 27) and you can watch her awkward sneak peek scene. Eliza arrives next Thursday, November 3 in Episode 7, "Why Try To Change Me Now?" Bridget Regan's tweet included the episode title "The Room Where It Happens," which is Episode 8, so it sounds like she'll be arriving November 10.

So we have three weeks of big arrivals to look forward to, whether they involve Arizona's love life or not. Welcome, all!

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